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 Borge espeland  BORGE, ESPELAND (Norvey)  
 Jason Hoke


Jason M. Hoke
Mr. Hoke is a second generation dog man whose family began in the sport of pure bred dogs breeding German Shepherds. In the following years Mr. Hoke and his family became successful Great Dane breeders under the Jamara prefix. Along with showing Great Danes as a youth Jason competed regularly in Junior Showmanship. Mr. Hoke then continued his career by becoming a professional all breed handler garnering many top awards in his career in every group.
Mr. Hoke has bred Great Danes, German Shepherds, Pekingese, Maltese and Whippets. He currently has a veteran whippet as well as a spirited youngster. As a professional handler Mr. Hoke exhibited all-breeds and piloted his client’s dogs to numerous Best in Show awards and Top Rankings. His dogs have won best of breed at both National Specialties as well as the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club.
Following his career as a professional dog handler, Mr. Hoke began a culinary career and was a chef at many esteemed restaurants such as the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia. Currently Mr. Hoke resides in Madison, Wisconsin in the USA. Mr. Hoke also volunteers for Take the Lead a charitable organization which assists people in the sport of pure bred dogs when facing terminal illness.
Mr. Hoke has enjoyed great success in his judging career with appointments throughout the United States and worldwide, with judging experience in England, Germany, Finland, Japan, China, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Ireland, and Korea as well as twenty other countries. He has had the privilege of being invited to judge the Pointer, Miniature Pinscher, Pekingese, Havanese, and Pug National Specialty as well as the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, along with the Great Dane National show in five countries. Most notably he judged the Toy Group at the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club as well as the Junior Showmanship Finals at both Westminster and Crufts. Currently he is licensed to judge all Toy Breeds as well as multiple breeds in five other groups and Best in Show. Mr. Hoke is still active with Great Danes and serves as the President of the Great Dane Club of America as well as their judge’s education committee along with being the television commentator for Westminster Kennel Club on Fox Sports Network.

 ramune kazlauskaite

 Janusz Opara


My very first breed was the Pekingese – a matter of obvious as some lovely specimens of the breed had been my constant companions during my childhood.
I applied for my own kennel name LIWANG and bred this fabulous breed exclusively for the initial 20 years.
Then my long pampered dream of breeding Basenjis prevailed & came true in the shape of an unforgettable Basenji female imported from Jayne Wilson Stringer of the world-renowned Horsleys Kennel.
This female was the very first Basenji ever imported to Poland and attracted me to the breed for good. The Basenjis have ruled our household ever since even if my never vanishing interest in dogs pushed me into owning single specimens of some other breeds.
Over last three decades there have been fine examples of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels & Whippets living with my family & our Basenjis.
Getting such an experience was first and foremost about joy but also about gaining first-hand knowledge of a range of breeds from variety of groups – a vital thing for a progressing judge.

I got my first license to judge the Pekingese and some other toy breeds; then progressed for hounds and finally I completed my all breed status in 2005.
Over the years I have served on many committees of the Polish Kennel Club, currently I am Chairman of the Judges Commission of the Polish Kennel Club.

 Krystyna Opara


I spent my childhood with several dogs belonging to my parents and grandparents; the two
I remember best were the Polish Tatra male brought back home from a holiday in Zakopane and a black/white Japanese Chin female.

Upon getting married I joined & shared my husband’s interest in the Pekingese. We have owned & bred quite a number of fabulous dogs for 20 years.
Then the time of a new challenge came and the first Basenji from England arrived.
Since that day on our focus as breeders has been on Basenjis and they still hold the paramount place in our hearts & in our home.
We have owned and bred sparingly some other breeds alongside with Basenjis such as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels and Whippets.
I find such versatility of interest & experience quite helpful for a dog judge – for sure it helped a lot in my progression from a toy group judge into an allround one.

 Dr. Roberto Schill  SCHILL, ROBERTO (Romania)  
 Viarbitski Viacheslav  VIARBITSKI, VIACHASLAV (Belarus)  
 weron grzegorz  WERON, GREGORZ (Poland)  









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